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The Meta-Model Rewritten

Let's Look At This Differently

John Grinder and Richard Bandler, inspired by Chomsky's Transformational Grammar (from the field of linguistics) developed the idea of The Meta Model by modelling Fritz Perls' and Virginia Satir's use of powerful questioning techniques that elicited precise information from their patients. It has been taught in the same way for around 4 decades.

But now it’s time for an update, and Dr Darren Stevens has succeeded in doing this by injecting his Constructed Development Theory into the model.
This allows us to understand the metamodel responses at many different levels, something Bandler and Grinder could not have anticipated.


Get behind the langugage of your client to understand their consturction of self

But Things Aren't As Simple as in the 70's!

The traditional Meta-Model gives you a set of questions to help you gather quality information. It is used to find out what people actually mean by their communication, not what you think they are saying.

The problem is, at the different levels of the Awareness Quotient by Dr Stevens, what you think they are saying changes with greater selfawareness. The Meta Model is based on the notion that we don't operate on the world directly, but take in information through our senses and filter it through our Cognitive Intentions. These are predominantly unconcsious.

According to this model, we delete, distort and generalise and form an internal representation (a map) of this information. However, we are seldom aware of our Intention in the moment according to Dr Stevens. Korzybski said: The map is not the territory, and with the metamodel framed in a CDT methodology, we can learn to listen for the client’s level of self-awareness that impacts their construction of their map.

How we do it differently at the IAD

We rely on language to share our experiences. Generally, the sentences we form are unconscious creations on-the-fly. We often limit ourselves through the language we use, and distort immediate perception from our deeper reality.

In this workshop, we will present an overview of distortion, deletion and generalisation and describe how the meta model patterns have been completely rethought and redesigned from a cognitive complexity perspective.

How We Discover...

The premise is simple: different levels of self-awareness beget different responses to the conventional wisdom of meta-model statements. Not only will you understand the metamodel better, you will get an understanding of Constructed Development Theory, the Awareness Quotient and also Dynamic Intelligence.

These are all very important facets of the MCO development programme should you wish to progress up the IAD ladder. You will not only learn to recognise your own level of development, but also your client’s level from their responses to specific statements. You will learn to use this as a shortcut to vertical development for all your clients, thus establishing a developmental benchmark from the moment you begin the coaching process - or as we call it: the MCO process!

Coaching has moved beyond the MetaModel, so now it’s time that the MM caught up. Join us on our next workshop and go beyond your previous training! Our Cognitive Intention deconstruction of our thinking determines our MM response: it’s now time to make that response a proper Choice from a position of Awareness.

Why You Should Join Us

This is a packed and engaging 3 hours which we think is important if you are to take your coaching profession seriously. You will learn:

  • A NEW set of questions that take the Meta-Model to a whole new level, because there is a:
  • NEW set of responses never before seen in MM training
  • An interactive experience that stretches your Coaching capabilities to their limits
  • To think like a Next-Level Coach, as well as an MCO
  • Your vertical growth makes you and the whole industry more professional (this is why the institute exists!)
  • To listen for unconscious patterns in your client’s thinking that actually impact their construction of self in the moment
  • This makes your Coaching job that much easier!
  • You will receive a Certificate of Participation as evidence of your achievement

  • Come and Join Us for a Meta Modelling Day...

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  • author

    This is not a coaching programme. I can't explain just how useful this has been. I am starting again, and it's somehow not a problem. .

    Repost Reply 39 minits ago
    • author

      A real eye-opener. I'm honestly convinced other coaching programmes have been getting it wrong all this time!

      Repost Reply 39 minits ago
  • author

    Darren knows his onions... you'll get the joke when you attend!

    Repost Reply 39 minits ago